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e-mail, where only then will we answer all your questions and eliminate all your dilemmas.

Let us bring a smile back into your life and if there really is an indication for that


  • protect and retain
  • beautify
  • return again
  • remove the irretrievably ill
  • replace
  • nurture it properly
  • give them stability
  • restore a healthy coral-red color to your gingiva / gums


  • we eliminate discomfort and pain in the jaw and joint structures
  • we treat oral infections
  • we treat salivary gland disease
  • we have a therapeutic effect on the dry oral cavity
  • we eliminate problems due to gnashing of teeth
  • we treat the effects of ENT / ear, throat, nose, diseases of the oral cavity.

Private practice

I cordially greet you at our internet presentation of the private dental practice “DENTA STAR”, Dr. spec. oral pathology and periodontal surgery Šiljak Dženita in Sarajevo. In this office, you, as a patient, are at the center of our attention. Here you will not only be cured, but first carefully listened to, and then based on your wishes, needs and possibilities, you will be offered the best treatment option. It is already common knowledge that many patients experience a visit to the dentist as extreme discomfort. Therefore, we have an obligation and responsibility towards you feeling comfortable and relaxed here, and that you always happily return to us.

Nine years of work experience gained in a renowned German clinic, and after that since 2005. in Sarajevo, it is what makes this practice different from the others. A great work ethic crowned with a sincere desire to help you and restore self-confidence is our fundamental approach to you. We give full importance to prevention and prophylaxis, which strives to keep your teeth healthy.

Šiljak Dženita
Dr. spec. Oral medicine and
periodontal surgery