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Let us bring a smile back into your life and if there really is an indication for that


  • protect and retain
  • beautify
  • return again
  • remove the irretrievably ill
  • replace
  • nurture it properly
  • give them stability
  • restore a healthy coral-red color to your gingiva / gums


  • we eliminate discomfort and pain in the jaw and joint structures
  • we treat oral infections
  • we treat salivary gland disease
  • we have a therapeutic effect on the dry oral cavity
  • we eliminate problems due to gnashing of teeth
  • we treat the effects of ENT / ear, throat, nose, diseases of the oral cavity.

Specialist dental clinic for oral medicine and periodontology with polyvalent service DENTA STAR

The task of the specialist periodontologist is to spot the inflammation of the dental support apparatus in time and provide timely help to the patient in early detection and prevention of further progression of this disease. In the world, as many as 47% of the population between the ages of 35 and 65 suffer from this disease. As many as 73% of the population over 65 are affected by periodontitis. The disease begins with infection and inflammation of the gums, bleeding and bad breath. If the disease persists, the teeth lose their support, wobble and eventually fall out due to the loss of the integrity of the jawbone.

Did you know that:
– premature birth occurs as a high risk due to periodontosis.
– patients suffering from periodontitis have an increased risk of diabetes.
– strokes and heart attacks are mostly the result of periodontitis.
– the latest worldwide research proves that the first sign of Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s disease is periodontitis.
– during puberty, pregnancy and menopause, this disease worsens.

Nine years of work experience, gained in a renowned German clinic, and then from 2005. and in Sarajevo is what makes this practice different from the others. Since January 2024, we have enriched this specialist practice with the academic title of specialist nutritionist, which greatly distinguishes us from others and comprehensively accepts, observes, diagnoses and treats the complexity of periodontitis and oral diseases. Great work ethic, crowned with a sincere desire to help you and restore your self-confidence, are our fundamental approach to you. We give full importance to prevention and prophylaxis, which is how we strive to keep your teeth healthy.

Šiljak Dženita
Dr. spec. Oral medicine and
periodontal surgery