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Why choose us?

Why choose us?

We excel in fields such as : Dental Implants(periimplantas), Gums inflammation, clammy teeth and so much more, therefore achieving the best results.

Let’s gradually progress to our common goal , beautiful and functional teeth !

Regarding our complete commitment towards our patients and altogether  professional approach we wholeheartedly recommend you to contact us  at any given time for consultations and regular checkups . The initial checkup is predestined to last a bit longer, approximately 30 minutes. At this time we are happy to answer all of your questions , concerns or  initial problems that may come to trouble you regarding your problem.

The checkup consists of of  mouth , mucosal, oral cavity, tongue, gums, teeth, jaw and tempormadibular  ( TMJ ) joint examination . After you are given an appropriate diagnosis you will also acquire a  proposal and the initial treatment plan . The Dental examination is charged 10 KM  and Specialist examination which includes  laboratory access and X-ray diagnosis is charged at the price of 100 KM .


In the end you are provided with :

  • healthy cavity and dentals as a guarantee of healthy digestive system , diet and metabolism .
  • flourishing and functional jaws , masticatory muscles as a prerequisite of robust articulation , speech and mastication .
  • aesthetically beautiful and functional teeth .

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