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A word of advice

If you are like many of our patients and suffer from the fear of dentists, allow us to inform you of one of our commonly-used techniques that have been showed as successful in these cases. This method is painless, precise and non- invasive therefore not causing a number of micro-fissures. Recovery time is not long which allows you to get back to your daily activities in the shortest time possible.

Have trust in our caressingly- professional staff and let us guide you trough your road to full recovery. Our biggest goal is to understand your problem later solving it completely therefore surpassing your expectations.

We excel especially in: Dental Implants (periimplantas), Gums inflammation, clammy teeth and much more!

In order to have a beautiful, healthy smile it is mandatory to get rid of bad habits, improve the level of your oral hygiene adding regular every 6 month check-ups with your doctor of dentistry.

Some of the bad habits considered are:

  • Smoking /Nicotine plaque leads to decreased oxygen flow of the tissue, in other words decreased blood flow therefore leading to the inflammation of the gums. The heat effect is also considered  harmful
  • Breathing trough your mouth increases the chances of oral defect therefore leading to the gums inflammation. With this only you are more prone to bacterial and fungal infection.
  • Nail suckling
  • Nail biting
  • Lip biting
  • The usage of extremely insensitive toothbrushes can traumatize the inner cheek and palate area .
  • Piercing or tattoos on the lip / tongue area represent a great danger to the oral cavity. They can lead to stronger infections of tissue thus causing pathological abnormalities which can expend so far as to oncological regions.



Good oral hygiene is a characteristic of civilized people. Teeth should be brushed at least, 3 times a day. For that purpose Interdental toothbrushes, regular toothbrushes ,interdental cleansers, dehydrating mouthwashes etc. are used.

Supposing that you are conditioned with the unpleasant experience of loose teeth or rather loss of them, undesirable breath odor or presence of periodontal pockets, we are happy to inform you that altogether you make a perfect candidate for our specialist clinic. With the help of our specialist methods we will be able to restore your long lost bone mass which can be induced by increased stress, chronicle diabetes disease usage of corticosteroids and menopause. Along with these conditions we also offer an enviable methods applied on gums withdrawal, bare dental necks, peri-implantitis and similar .